Shimmering Steel private boat share syndicate on the River Thames

Private boat share syndicate on the River Thames

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Maintenance costs, marina fees, insurance costs and breakdown membership are all paid centrally by the syndicate treasurer. Each owner pays a regular monthly contribution, currently £150, which is generally sufficient to cover outgoings. If additional expenditure is required then an additional cash call may be made. Other than in exceptional circumstances this will be discussed and agreed at the AGM.

Owners are responsible for their own fuel costs, and any pump out and mooring fees they incur whilst using the boat. These are typically around £150 per week in total.

Share prices in Shimmering Steel tend to hold their value well, and owners can expect to see most of their investment back should they decide to sell their share. However with the nearest equivalent hire boats costing over £2000 per week in high season there's a significant saving to be made even if only one or two of the allocated weeks are actually used each season, and the syndicate membership tends to be very stable.